This year we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our permanent markers Artline70 and Artline90.

Message from the Shachihata
Welcome to Artline70 and Artline90 50th Anniversary website.
First we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your support and patronage of Artline.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Artline 70 and Artline 90.
Numerous improvements have been made to the aluminum barrel markers since their release in 1964, including the development and introduction of xylene free ink in 1990.
We have sought to maintain high standards of quality in production and win the trust of people around the globe by obtaining ISO 9001 accreditation. 
As a result our customer base today spans more than 80 countries.
The warm support of Artline fans and individuals involved in its production, marketing, and retailing over five decades has made the Artline markers what they are today.
We feel sincere gratitude for the bond between customers and Shachihata made possible by Artline 70 and Artline 90.
The 50th anniversary of the markers is a milestone in our history. 
We are committed to providing improved products and services in the next 50 years while proceeding hand in hand with our customers.
We would like to express our hope for your continued support and patronage of Artline products in the future.

We have prepared a number of special Internet programs on this occasion that we hope you will enhance your enjoyment of Artline. 

Artline Original World Clock
The Artline brand, which adds colour to your life, is the product of the beautiful seasons of Japan.
We have depicted these four seasons with Artline 70 and 90 markers.
You can display the local time for three venues.
We hope you will include Nagoya, Japan—the birthplace of Artline and location of Shachihata’s headquarters for one of them. Colour Response Test 
How are you today? Why not check your state of mind and enjoy our colour response test during your break.
Deskwork need not be in black and blue ink. 
Colours are not just for children. Don’t limit yourself. 
Let your personality blossom by using brilliant hues in your life.
*Images of products are current design.
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