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Social Contribution

For everyone in the community. For the children.

Shachihata places emphasis on contributing to the community as a good global corporate citizen. Our actions range from local cleanup campaigns by roads, train stations, and parks to international-level support.

Supporting GSA* Nonprofit Activities

Supporting GSA Nonprofit Activities

Shachihata supports the philosophy and activities of the Global Sports Alliance (GSA) with the stated goal of leaving a healthy environment for our future generations. We offered special assistance to the GSA-organized Sports Summit for the Environment held at the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan. An "eco-passport" was issued at the Shachihata pavilion, and children stamped people's "passports" with a stamp engraved with a message from professional athletes to encourage ecological thinking.
*GSA (the Global Sports Alliance) is a global network of sport enthusiasts working to promote environmental awareness and action by spreading a new concept, "Ecoplay," as a fundamental part of sportsmanship. URL : www.gsa.or.jp

Cooperation with UNEP*

Shachihata provides continuing support for the activities of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). We donate stationery and other items for children's international conferences. In 2006 Shachihata received a letter of appreciation from the government of Malaysia.
*UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) An organization that carries out United Nations activities and international cooperation activities related to the environment (ozone layer protection, climate change, hazardous waste, marine environment protection, water quality conservation, soil depletion prevention, forest issues, etc.) URL : www.unep.org

Cooperation with UNEP With Mr. Achim Steiner,
UNEP Executive Director